Regulation (salmon) trout ponds, catfish and carp.

* On arrival you are required to first register at the pavilion and upfront fishing.

* Entering the site is at your own risk.

* Each person may only be fished with a rod, fitted with a single hook.

* You can fish with only 1 Fishing rod, except if youre fishing on carp then you can fish with 2 rods

* it's allowed to kill the (salmon) trout ponds. Other fish you may not kill

* Creation of non-caught fish is not allowed.

* Temptation, blinkers, dregs are not allowed.

* It is mandatory other fish caught reset.

* Captured (salmon) trout must, before being unhooked, to be slain first.

* Interim switch to another pond is not allowed.

* Leave your fishing spot after fishing clean back again; Please take your trash back home again.

* Restore Possibly borrowed plastic chairs.

* Do you use the slaughter, remove after slaughter, all fish remains from the sink and drop it in the available bins.

* Cooler mandatory.

* Use of keepnets is not allowed.

* All fish caught must be drawn.

* Open fires are not allowed.

* You must right for you to throw fish and not cross the line of the neighbors.

* We take no responsibility for rods and other material lying in the grass gets damaged.

* Damage to the rented equipment by improper use should be compensated.

* In case of violation of our regulations, we know no mercy and you must immediately leave our premises.

We wish you much fishing pleasure and thank you for your attention!